O novo Friend é o Matt Dexter que conhecemos desde 2011. Welcome Matt!

Background & PhD:

I have always had an interest in how design can be used in health; the different approaches using participatory or user-centred techniques have always been of particular interest to me, since these increase the prominence of the person who will ultimately have to use the artefact that get’s made at the end. As such, my current research work looks at how the emerging field of open design might have an impact on traditional medical product design. It’s not a foregone conclusion that such open techniques can be used, and this work represents a first attempt to answer some of the fundamental questions. There are some wonderful potential benefits; such as the ability to include people who are excluded from traditional participatory or user-centred design methods because of their medical condition.

It’s through this fondness for user-centred design that I am connected to Design Includes You. I participated in the 24 hour Inclusive Design challenge in Gaia during June 2011, and again had the privilege of participating in the 24 hour Inclusive Design challenge in Lisbon during June of this year (2012).


Work URLs:

  • http://www.shu.ac.uk/research/c3ri2/people/matthew-dexter
  • http://www.uchd.org.uk/meet-the-team/matt-dexter