“I am an industrial designer with experience on research, teaching in college level and collaboration in industry sponsored projects.

I perform multi-task activities across all aspects of the design process always with high attention to detail. What thrills me most is the beginning of the process, observing, gathering and analyzing information; materializing through the use of digital tools, whether is CAD modeling, detailing, rendering or designing presentations; and writing the report. I am always interested in effectively communicate new ideas to different audiences.

I am used to work in collaborative and interdisciplinary environments, being particularly focused on combining academic research with industrial application.

Currently I am a PhD candidate at University of Lisbon. My research is focused on the development of a computer implemented design system that allows the design and fabrication of mass customized furniture.

My connection to Design Includes You comes from the interest in inclusive design, a subject that is researched by Lígia Lopes, who is my colleague at University of Lisbon. I had the opportunity to participate in the  24 hour Inclusive Design challenge in Gaia (2011) and in Lisbon (2012). The experiences were remarkable in bridging the gap between users, designers and public institutions.”