Marianne Baillot

Originally trained as a gymnast, Marianne is an artist with a background in contemporary dance and choreography. She is french and 35 years old. She hold a Master degree in Political-Sciences from leading french administration “Grande Ecole” Science-Po Grenoble. After she got her diploma, she decided to experiment various dance/performance trainings in Austria (SEAD, Anton Bruckner conservatoire, DanceWEB), in France ( Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Angers, Transforme – Royaumont Foundation), doing lots of workshops in Europe (Xavier Leroy, Deborah Hay, Lucinda Child among many others). She is dancing with/for other artists and teaching dance workshops as a freelancer in various contexts (High schools and colleges, Beaux-Arts in Nantes) Since 2006, she is staging her own works questioning representation codes in dance culture. Since 2012, she is using Feldenkrais Method in her movement researches and teaching with its tools. This somatic, educational an holistic approach of the human body aims at improving one’s physical functions, increasing self-awareness and expanding one’s movements repertoire. The practitioner will directs attention to habitual movement patterns which are inefficient or strained, and teaches new patterns using gentle, slow, repeated movements.