Inclusive Design Research

Established in 2008 at Brunel University, West London, UK.


Our mission

Our mission is to make inclusive design happen everywhere.


Our objectives

– To raise the awareness of inclusive design

– To advance the knowledge of inclusive design

– To deliver real world design solutions through collaboration

– To develop effective strategies for teaching inclusive design


Our passion

“Making inclusive design happen everywhere” – Hua Dong

“Making the relationship between inclusive design and sustainable design explicit” – Nicola Combe

“Inclusive design – A bridge between aesthetics and functionality.” – Dr Eujin Pei

“Elegant design with and for real people through insight and empathy” – Chris McGinley

“Designing a better future for ALL through understanding, engagement and inclusion” – Farnaz Nickpour


Our process

We adopt an inclusive design methodology which is people centred. We aim to deliver design solutions and research outcomes that are useful, usable, desirable and sustainable. We involve the users throughout the design and research process and take into consideration different stakeholders’ interests and requirements. Through multi-disciplinary collaboration, we aim to generate deep research insights and deliver viable real-world design solutions.


Inclusive Design Research Approach