inclusive design workshop zagreb 2011


The workshop will combine participatory and inclusive design methodologies in a live design project.

Designers will gain new knowledge and experience on inclusive design and social inclusion, together with the advantages and methods of involving real users in design projects – especially those who are currently marginalised or actively excluded by the world we have designed. This workshop will also offer the participating designers access to technology experience (textile, metal and ceramics) and product realization and will also be a demonstration to the wider non-design public of the importance of design as a tool in business strategy.

For the collaborating partners and their employees, the workshop will be an opportunity to understand how to work more effectively with designers and use design as a transformational business strategy. Through the new products, visual identity and marketing strategy resulting from the workshop, we aim to significantly improve their real market position, but also to harness contemporary design thinking to transform the existing business model of sheltered workshops employing disabled people into one that is design-led, participatory and egalitarian as has been the case in the All Inclusive Sarajevo project in May 2009 on which this model is based.



Funded by The British Council Croatia – New Work New Audiences project and National Foundation for Civil Society Development, and organised by the School of design – University of Zagreb in collaboration with Croatian Designers Association, the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre, URIHO and Association for Promoting Inclusion.


Five days of intensive creative work led by experienced designers from the Royal College of Art in London.

•            Teamwork from concepts to branding and prototyping in a real environment.

•            Realisation and exhibition of prototypes followed by production and market distribution.

•            Partners and inclusive design methods, which will reveal different ways of interacting and new design approaches and practice.

•            Unique professional practice opportunity.


The first inclusive design workshop in Zagreb will be held from March 28 to April 1, 2011. The organisers of the event are the Croatian Designers’ Society, School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, Helen Hamlyn Centre at the Royal College of Art in London and the British Council Croatia – New Work New Audiences project. The workshop partners are URIHO and the Association for Promoting Inclusion two organisations that employ people with disabilities in the production and distribution of their own products.


This participatory design workshop will involve professional designers in industrial, product and interaction design, visual communications, textiles, fashion and ceramics. 20 designers in 4 different teams will be led by experienced British designers and their Croatian counterparts. They will collaborate with the industrial partners’ employees on the design of a new portfolio of products, with packaging, presentation, distribution and visual identity proposals, and on prototypes realization and exhibition as the ending of workshops’ first phase. After the workshop and advised by designers, the partners will produce new market-ready products to be exhibited in a final exhibition in October 2011.


The creative director of the workshop is Julia Cassim, Senior Research Fellow at the Helen Hamlyn Centre at Royal College of Art in London, with 11 years of experience in leading similar workshops worldwide. The creative team leaders are experienced British designers Andrew Walker, Freddie Yauner, Ian McIntyre and Gero Grundmann. The workshop has been initiated by Sanja Bencetić, freelance designer and Reader of Inclusive Design course at the School of Design, Zagreb University. Co-leader of the workshop is Mirna Reinprecht, freelance designer and a member of CDS’ executive board. Along with British colleagues, the co-leaders of the creative teams will be Nataša Mihaljčišin (I-gle), Filip Gordon Frank, Maja Mesić and Nataša Perković. The marketing students’ team will be led by Dragana Lucija Ratković (Muze) and Professor Goroslav Keller.