The Research Centre for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design (CIAUD) operates under the respective Regulation, approved in a plenary session of the Scientific Council of FAUTL (Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon).
CIAUD is made of up all the members of the Scientific Council of FAUTL who are willing to participate in the activities of this Centre and whose scientific activity is in accordance with its objectives, and they may take on the status of Permanent or Eventual Members.
CIAUD is made up of three bodies, with attributed responsibilities described by the regulation as follows:

a) Council of Researchers, made up of all the Permanent Members of CIAUD;
b) Steering Committee, made up of three Permanent Members elected by the Council of Researchers, for a period of two years;
c) Consultative Council, made up of Portuguese and foreign persons of recognized academic, scientific and professional merit, with terms of office lasting for three years and whose task it is to follow up the activities of CIAUD and provide an annual assessment thereof.

The mission of CIAUD is to promote the production, development and innovation in scientific, technological and artistic knowledge in the realms of architecture, urban planning and design and to interact with other disciplinary areas as well as with education and with society as a whole.

The Research Centre for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design began in May 2006, with the approval of the respective regulation by the Scientific Council of FAUTL. Until then, research projects under way at FAUTL, corresponding to Research and Development activities, frequently funded by FCT ( Foundation for Science and Technology ), were the result of the initiative of the researchers involved in them, individually or set up in groups.